Our Story

Our Parent Company Vinod Global Limited based in City of London has involved in International Trade since last decade.

 In early spring we were watching the news about the price gouging by some of the traders who are selling the both disposable and Hand made mask. Considering our vast experience in Trade and commerce, we thought, why not cut out the greedy Traders and just sell masks at market price ourselves and bring down the price? So we took the challenge for social good.

Our In House team designed, sourced, and made the mask at a higher standard and at an affordable consumer price, while we source the disposable 3ply mask and we are contributing above the cost to be more affordable those who need it.

 Our pack of 5 masks is less than some of the single masks in the market.

We have now developed a professional team of regular production with our fulfilment warehouse in the UK.

We hope you enjoy our product and spread the love 💓.